The Most Delicious Breakfast Peach Bowl Ever

In a breakfast rut?  Eating the same dang thing for b-fast everyday and want something new and super delicious? I have to start off with a confession:  I am over the top obsessed with acai bowls.  I love smoothies but I hate “drinking” my breakfast.  It just doesn’t seem as satisfying and filling.  In comes acai bowls – basically a smoothie in a bowl with granola and extra fruit on top.  Straight up genius.  Now why didn’t I think of that?

While going through my nightly Pinterest scroll before bedtime, I came across a recipe for a Peach Bowl.  I knew I had to try this immediately and man oh man, sure glad I did!  It’s like ice cream peach amazingness dessert for breakfast every morning.  I found the recipe from a great food blog I follow called Six Sisters’ Stuff.  The link to the free Peach Bowl recipe can be found here.  Then of course I always slightly alter every recipe I find to my liking so I add one heaping scoop of vanilla whey protein powder to create an ice cream like creaminess and give it that extra sticking power to get me through to lunch.   Hope you enjoy this amazing recipe as much as I do – it’s pretty dang peachy!
Peach BowlPeach Bowl


  1. Wobby | 21st Mar 16

    The peach bowl looks amazing, can’t wait to try it.

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