My All Time Favorite Workout

I have been working out with The Tracy Anderson Method for six years now.  Not only do I enjoy her workouts, but it is one of the hardest, full body, yet low impact workouts I have ever done.  Yup, I just said enjoy and workout in the same sentence.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the only workout I do.  I like to mix up my workouts and keep my body guessing.  But when I’m in a workout rut or go through a period of not wanting to work out or have reached my maximum acceptance point of flabbiness or get sick of the gym scene, in goes the Tracy Anderson DVD’s.  My absolute favorite part of her workouts is that I can do these workouts in my living room.  No need to waste 35 minutes commuting to and from the gym.  I’m a pretty lazy girl for not being lazy.  It’s very conflicting – don’t ask.

Her workouts usually include me doing funny air slaps with my arms, or dancing like I’m in a club, or balancing on one leg while kicking the other leg over a chair in front of me.  Even after doing her workouts for six years, my legs and arms are exhausted after every 25 minute workout and I feel satisfyingly sore from head to toe.   There are a lot of free and not-so-free Tracy Anderson workouts on the internet.  Here is a link to one of my favorite free 7 minute Tracy arms workout.  I also own a plethora of her DVD’s, but my all time favorite is the Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series Sequence I DVD.  I’ve also included a bonus booty workout below as well!  The booty is muy importante these days – get on it ladies!

I hope you enjoy the workout as much as I do!  Please leave your feedback and comments below if you try out the Tracy Anderson Method or have already been working out with Tracy for a while!

Tracy Perfect Design DVDTracy Anderson Butt Workout



  1. Janet | 29th Apr 16

    I have always loved the Tracey Anderson fitness inset workout pages in various magazines over the years and on the Internet! But I don’t have any of the DVD’s … Definitely time to change that stat! Sounds like an amazing workout and thanks for the bonus booty workout … I agree that the booty is all the rage now!!

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