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Daily Archives: March 29, 2016

Clean Eating, Sugar Free Carrot Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

I bet you can’t say that title 10 times fast! After posting the picture of my clean eating, sugar free carrot cake with whipped cream cheese frosting on social media yesterday, I have been getting a ton of requests for the recipe.  I have to say hands down, this is one of the best clean eating treats I have ever had as I approach my one year anniversary of clean eating in April.  The carrot cake is super moist and flavorful and the whipped cream cheese frosting is up there with Starbucks’ whipped cream (just a heads up this frosting is more whipped cream like vs. thick frosting like – but just as delicious). Without further ado, I present the recipe from one of my favorite clean eating cookbooks: 100 Days of Real Food