Free REI Classes

Man do I love the word “free”.  Has such a nice ring to it.  Ok back to the topic at hand – Free REI Classes!  Living in Arizona, there are so many opportunities to participate in outdoor activities.  I thoroughly enjoy hiking, camping and fishing to name a few.  I’m no expert but I will get out there and utilize all the skills my dad taught be back when I was 7… if I can remember them!  I had heard that REI offered classes on outdoor adventures but not until recently had I heard from a coworker that most were free!  I checked out their calendar of events online and immediately found a handful that I wanted to attend.  I recruited a friend and we attended two classes in March: Camping Basics and Camp Cooking Basics.  I was pretty skeptical about the Camping Basics class as I have been camping many times before but I was pleasantly surprised to learn various “tips & tricks” to making my camping experience that much better.  The Camp Cooking Basics class was hands down amazing.  I got a lot of great cooking ideas and recipes and even learned that I can make peach cobbler in a dutch oven while camping.  Holy amazeballs!  I have a whole new appreciation and understanding of camping now.  REI also has classes with small fees as well as adventure-filled events and outings.  The possibilities are endless! So check out their calendar of events near you and go learn some stuff… about fun things… for free!

Free REI ClassesFree REI Classes

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