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Ringly Review: Where Jewelry meets Technology

As a lifestyle blogger, social media addict and diehard texter, I need my phone… a lot.  The struggle:  Being a busy body and working a full time job, I never have my phone on alert and it is always in my purse so therefore, I miss phone calls (important ones too!) and texts like nobody’s business.

Spice up your Work Week – Statement Outfit Ideas

Want a way to spice of your work week and those drab gray cubicle walls without having to buy a $500 Beyonce power suit? Every once in a while I like to rock a new statement piece to work. It somehow makes me feel energized and spices up my sometimes mundane weekly routine. I truly believe that by looking and feeling your best, you tend to elude happiness, confidence, poise, and the list goes on and on. Do not under estimate the power of a fabulous stiletto or slimming pencil skirt!

Peach is the new Pink

We always go out to a nice dinner for Valentine’s Day instead of buying each other presents.  We are the couple that prefers experiences (yummy food) and memories (a romantical dinner) over gifts on this lovely holiday.